Let's Take Your Ideas from just thoughts and turn them into ideas that redefine, stories that inspire to connect and MOBILIZE Your communities.  

You're a new brand, haven't put in a great deal of planning but you have a lot of ideas in your head. The idea of starting your own business is exciting but you don't know where to start. This idea you have stays with you morning, noon and night. The prospect of becoming your own boss is super exciting and you're ready to put in the effort to make it happen. The problem; to many ideas, the lack of a strategy and the assistance to get you one step closer to your goal. 

The SolutioN - The Brand Blue Print

The Brand Blue Print is your guide to taking your ideas in to action. The program starts with a discovery call which focuses on understanding where you are in your journey. The discovery call focuses on 

  • Your Desired Position
  • Your Current Struggles With Your Brand
  • How To Develop Content For Your Brand
  • Understanding Your Unique Position 
  • Your Business Goals 
  • Understanding Your Communication Target


Features Include:

  • Definition Of Your Brand Purpose and Mission 
  • Competitors Research 
  • Defining Your High Pay-Off Activities
  • Goal Setting
  • Understanding the Transformation You Provide To Your Audience
  • Brand Resources to Develop Your Brand
  • Brand Cohesiveness Across Brand Channels

You will receive

  • A brand audit focusing on where you currently are and tips on getting you where you want to be based on bandwidth. 
  • A personalized plan that focuses on your brands high pay off activities. This plan will include steps on executing your high pay off activities and the best way to communicate those activities to your target audience. The plan will be tailored to your brands specific needs.
  • Detailed strategies as they relate to the goals set to execute your brand activities. This will give you the how for your goals. 
  • Resources for your brand based on where you are in your journey. The resources will connect you with the organization that will help you execute your strategies that are outside of your bandwidth.


Define Your Current Situation: On the discovery call we will talk about where you are in starting your brand. We will talk about your desired position for your brand and understand your current struggles. This is where we will get to the root of what's holding you back. We want to paint a clear picture so we can dig in and get to work. 

Get To The Root: Every situation is a little different but the REAL goal is building a brand that others can relate to and support. During our 3 meetings, we're going to dig into the reality of your situation, understand your target audience and the methods to which you want to engage your audience. This can be a mixture of small touch points or high pay off activities. Each meeting will build upon each other and always end with your go-do's to move your one step forward in building your brand. 

Game Plan: The game plane includes; brand resources, goals, strategies to execute your goals and ways to hold yourself accountable. A bonus, you will receive a 15 minute follow-up call to make sure you are on target. 

One Time Payment of $200 for a (1) hour consultation

Full Payment of $497  for a (3) hour consultation

If you are unsure if the Brand Blue Print is for you, please send me an email with any questions you have. 


"The People's Voice PR is a big catalyst behind why I launched my business when I did. After meeting with Laci last year, her energy and proactive attitude really helped me to take the leap and we've been working together since then. Overall our launch has been great and the brand well received, we have 3 successful sold out events under our belt, an increase in brand partnerships and and I've been featured in 4 online publications.  Laci has offered a wealth of knowledge around strategy and creative thinking in addition to the event planning. I consider her a trusted partner and look forward to our continued work together and mutual success as female entrepreneurs!"

Porsche Williams | Founder of The Prototype

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