Charlene Walton
Editor & Founder | Textured Talk
Owner | TEXTURES Natural Hair Care

"My experience working with Laci was amazing. She was able to provide a strategic vision to promote my FedEx Small Business Grant contest far above what I originally envisioned brainstorming alone. Laci offered the idea to create a 12-week campaign centered around the contest so my followers and supporters felt more engaged and connected to my brand story. As a result, my supporters and voters were more connected to my business, shared my contest with others and ultimately wanted me to win as well. My win turned into their win! In addition to the campaign idea, Laci was able to get me a feature story for the Fed Ex Small Business Grant contest on several blogs further promoting my brand. Overall, a great experience and I don't think my contest would have been as successful without her help."

Erica Molett
Founder of Conscious Couture

"Laci has been so much more than a PR and brand strategist consultant for Conscious Couture. Laci walked alongside me when Conscious Couture was just a concept with no framework. She forced us to slow down, define our "who and why", and create measurable steps toward the execution of our first event. She fully invests her talent and heart into your vision and mission, as though it were her own. From vendor recruitment and media partnerships, to logistics and strategy, Laci is an integral part of it all, for Conscious Couture."


Courtney Sanders
Founder of Think and Grow Chick

"Still basking in the glow of last night’s event, The Powerhouse! The People’s Voice did a FAB job planning it! I think everyone walked away inspired to be the “Queen” of their own lives! "


Ken Burkeen
Founder of the Huetiful Brand

"I truly appreciate the work you put into this. This event went off without a hitch. We booked 8 appointments and sold 4 hair steamers. I’m certain that many more appointments will be scheduled and thousands will hear about us. Thank you!"


Porsche Williams
Founder of The Prototype

"The People's Voice PR is a big catalyst behind why I launched my business when I did. After meeting with Laci last year, her energy and proactive attitude really helped me to take the leap and we've been working together since then. Overall our launch has been great and the brand well received, we have 3 successful sold out events under our belt, an increase in brand partnerships and and I've been featured in 4 online publications.  Laci has offered a wealth of knowledge around strategy and creative thinking in addition to the event planning. I consider her a trusted partner and look forward to our continued work together and mutual success as female entrepreneurs!"