We are Creative Curators that take your ideas

and turn them into actions. 


We work with clients to Cultivate their message and connect to their target audience.

"The key to success is getting clear on how you want your brand to be perceived."

We enjoy working with blossoming entrepreneurs, influencers, and lifestyle curators to   amplify their voice through their brand using creative; strategic processes. 

Here is your chance to take a proactive approach to positioning your brand in an intelligent, forward-thinking unique way to attract your target audience. Brand positioning is more than just your tag line, it's the internal organized structure to which you use to make decisions for your brand. Do you have an idea but don't quite know how to execute or integrate into your current offerings? The People's Voice Creative Agency helps you create a plan to communicate your uniqueness to impress your customers.  


"I assist you with breaking into your creative uniqueness to differentiate your brand and break THROUGH the status quo"             

`Laci Mckinney


 You're ready to do what it takes to move your ideas from just a thought and turn them into actions.  We are here to assist you in your creative journey and build a successful brand blueprint. 


This plan is for Blossoming ENTREPRENEUR/influencer that is looking for creative direction with their brand. With this plan we will break down the needs of your brand and discover high pay off ACTIVITIES which will take your ideas to actions.  

Structure: Discovery Call & (3) 60 minute one-on-one meetings

With the brand blueprint, we will create a plan using strategies to organically connect with your audience. Together we will create an organized approach to positioning your brand for maximum exposure. The objectives of the blueprint is to access your current progress, understand your target audience, create clarity around your brands messaging/offer and learn how to communicate that to your potential customer. We will explore activities such as social media content, consistent messaging across digital platforms, content development, pop-up activation's, and partnership opportunities.


  • 30 minute discovery call. After the discovery call you will receive a written summary of discussion points within 3 days of the discovery call. 
  • A personalized list of time-sensitive action plans that will assist you in accomplishing your goals with recommendations broken into 3 teaching sessions based on your goals. 
  • Teachings sessions will include recommended resources, directives and execution plan based on the discussions points and recommendations made. 
  • Each recommendation will be broken down into teachable blueprints. You will receive written directives along with strategies to execute the recommendations. You will recieve the written teachable blueprint during each one-on-one session. 
Dreams are lovely. But they are just dreams. Fleeting, ephemeral, pretty. But dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change.
— shonda rhimes


We help you amplify your voice and tell your story through media connections, Guest blogging, and interviews. We focus on getting you and your brand in front of your target audience using media sources that are relevant to your brand.

 Structure: 3 months minimum required to execute a public relations strategy 

Public Relations Includes:

  • Brand Campaigns
  • Media Connections
  • Monitoring of Brand Messaging 




Structure: 45 minute phone call 

Are you stuck with an idea and just need a little creative feedback on your project. This is for the person that doesn't need a full coaching package, they just need a few questions answered. This 30 minute call will allow you to ask questions, receive critque or gain insight on building your brand. 


Planning a brand launch event, celebration a new product or pulling together a dope panel; we can help. We structure our event execution two ways:

1. We provide your the resources to execute your event or

2. We are hands on with your event from beginning to end. 

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