Photo by Jaroslaw Ceborski

Photo by Jaroslaw Ceborski

It happens to all of us! Stuck and don’t know what to post on Instagram. We think to ourselves, how are they pushing out content 2-3 times a day and I can’t stay consistent and release one Instagram post a week.

Am I over thinking it?

Does my caption make sense?

Is this important?


Your audience wants to know what you have going on and it is very necessary if you want to grow your brand and gain momentum as an influencer.  It’s not easy to pull all the content together and organize your thoughts but it's simpler than most think. Whether it’s what you wore over the weekend, the book you just finished; to the productivity hack you’ve been using that has saved you hours in a day.


The truth is all of it is important. Whether you are THE BRAND like Mattie James or you have a brand like The Vanity Group, and we get to get up close and personal with the founder Karleen Roy daily happenings. Everything that’s going on with you (the influencer) and your brand, your audience wants to know how they can support you, learn from you or connect with you.

Here are 23 actionable brand engagement post ideas to help you increase Instagram content and become target audience friendly.

  1. Press Mentions 

  2. Current Headshots 

  3. Your thought provoking quotes 

  4. Behind the scenes action 

  5. Upcoming Events -attending, presenting, hosting or partnering

  6. Books You're Reading 

  7. Clips of Your New YouTube Video

  8. Your Entrepreneur Self-Care Routine

  9. Tips Relatable to Your Audience 

  10. Your WINS

  11. Weekly Goals 

  12. Upcoming Projects 

  13. Favorite Time Saving Apps 

  14. Tools You Use for Automation

  15. Favorite Podcasts 

  16. Your Brand Promise 

  17. Podcast Interviews Your Being Featured On

  18. Announcing Your New Podcast Guest 

  19. Repost of Your Favorite It Girl or Guy

  20. Shout out to your tribe -Thank You 

  21. Testimonials 

  22. In the Moment Events Photos

  23.  New Blog Post - Create Copy 

So you know it's possible, here is a look at one of our past social media strategy client The Kolada Group. They are killing it at social media but once had the same doubt you may be having about posting relevant content. 

Self Care post from the Kolada Group Instagram

Self Care post from the Kolada Group Instagram

Audience Engagement Post from the Kolada Group Instagram

Audience Engagement Post from the Kolada Group Instagram

The Kolada Group Instagram Feed

The Kolada Group Instagram Feed

Laci McKinney