3 Reasons Why You Need a Publicist


HEADLINE READS:  “The People’s Voice PR Agency is making waves in Dallas”, who doesn't want to see their name in the headline of blogs, magazines or a featured guest on Good Morning Texas. If you don't have a publicist on your team, I am sure you have no idea how they can make your life easier.

Here are 3 reasons why you need a publicist on your team now, I mean RIGHT now.



The job of a publicist is to assist you in the art of storytelling. Whether it's to introduce you as the expert, a product launch or an event; having a publicist is your connection to relevant media outlets to create the buzz around your business. The relevance of this connection is to not only gain media attention but to connect you to your target audience.  Do you feel like you have been talking and no one is responding? 9 times out of 10 you're in the wrong place.  Media mentions of past clients

Meet the Expert: Ken Burkeen, Business of Beauty: Charlene Walton & Dallas Designer Aims to Beat...



How do you plan on attracting your target audience? How will you launch your new product? How will people know about the mastermind behind your brand? If you are unable to answer the questions, you lack a strategy. The strategy is a plan of action to achieve a task. The strategy can include anything from reaching your target audience through a social media campaign to analyzing brand messaging.  Publicists are pros who learn the ins and outs of your business and assist you with building a strategy that makes sense.


Can a doctor operate without a team & instruments?

Then, why would you try to run a business without the proper tools?

Publicists are known for being the jack/JANE-of-all trades. Why wouldn’t you add a publicist to your team? Yes, that’s a real question. You should see them as an extension of your team and not as a service you use to run your business. Publicists are charged with monitoring what’s happening with your brand, seek new opportunities for media and connect you with additional services for your business. Utilize the diversity of the PR pro’s skill set to grow your business.

 As you continue to grow, the less time you will have to contribute to the work that’s at the bottom of your abilities list. Save time and money by outsourcing - it’s KING!

 Have you made a list of team member’s you’re considering adding to the payroll?