7 Ways to Promote Press Your Brand Receives


Don’t be afraid to celebrate your successes.

Landing press is a big deal and probably took you some time to receive. Public Relations is like a marathon, its takes the time to build your momentum. So why not share your press mentions, you earned it!  Your press mentions are seen as brand builders that energize your audience and attract new visitors to your website.

Here are 7 strategies to use when promoting the press you receive for your brand.

Before you start to pre-promote, don't for get to ask for permission.  


1. Get a head start.  

If you’re doing an in-person interview, take behind the scenes photos of the process. Ask to take photos with the interviewer. Ask to take a short video of the interview to share with your audience. The interviewer will appreciate the help in promoting your story. Just a side note, be mindful of the process and don't overstep your boundaries trying to grab the perfect shot.

Over the phone, interviews, are a little different. You won't have the behind the scene photos to share. GET CREATIVE! Share the logo of the magazine or repost a photo from the media sources social media that represents the brand, letting your audience know you just wrapped up an interview. Add in the post that you will keep them updated on the release date of the full article release date.

The week leading up to the story….Make sure to verify the release date and start to share.

2. Social Shares.

Pick a different piece of content to share with your audience. Share the photo with the interviewer on Instagram, put the video up on your homepage of your website as a teaser, share behind the scene shots on Facebook. This content can be rotated around and used in many different ways with short teasers telling people to watch for the story to release.

3. email.

Send an email to friends, family, stakeholders announcing your upcoming press. Share a quote or a tip from the interview and let them know when the interview will release date. I would also tell them to watch for another email when the story hits, as they should be added to this list that receives the, “It's live” email.


On release date

4. It’s Live.

Share via social media and link them back to the story. For live interviews, use one of the behind the scene photos to alert your audience to tune in. This is an awesome way to create engagement as others began to share the story. Do a photo re-post directly from the media sources social media account. If they haven't shared the story via social after it released on their website; take a screen shot, crop it and share it.

5. Revisit your email list, but add in your audience.  

Send an email to your subscribers with a brief intro to the story and a link to the full Interview. If it's a pre-recorded interview,  send an email letting them know what time to tune in and on what station.

6. Add the story to your press page.

You should have a page on your website with a collection of your press mentions. It's a credibility builder. Don't try to recreate the story, take a screen shot of the actual story or place the link on your press page.

Recycle Press

7. There are no rules against reusing press when a milestone or anniversary is reached.

Jump on the trends of social media, #throwbackthursday and  #flashbackfriday to recycle press mentions.

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Laci McKinney