we recently spoke with AUSTIN AXTELL OF SOUNDWAGON PRO to learn how he is amplifying his voice through his brand. 


My voice deserves to be heard because....



The world could benefit from my voice because I have a unique, open perspective on life and what it may or may not mean.

Finding my voice in entrepreneurialism has really allowed me to discover who I really am and what I am truly made of.

What does finding your voice mean to you?

I found my voice as an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, every day is coming up with the next idea, product, or solution for any problem big or small. Finding my voice in entrepreneurialism has really allowed me to discover who I really am and what I am truly made of.

Did your upbringing shape who you are today?

Yes, as a child, flooded with emotion I was able to find solace in music. This solace in music eventually led to the creation of my company, SoundWagon.Pro.

Describe your journey? What was your defining moment?

My journey has consisted of constant ideas as well as trial and error. My defining moment was at my last "day job" working for another person. I always knew that being an employee was not who I was. One day a "call in to the office" gave me the final defining push to leave the corporate world and never look back.

Advice to someone in search of finding their voice in the entrepreneurial, influencer and creative space.

As the Nike company says, "Just do it." There is no better time and there is no better place than now. If you have an idea, make it happen. If you have to work your day job to make it happen then work it. Just make it happen.


Who is_______?

I am Austin Axtell, I am the Event Specialist and Co-Owner of SoundWagon Pro. I am also the host of The Plug Frisco on KVGI Radio. My brand is centered around the entertainment industry. At Sound Wagon Pro, we provide exceptional personalized audio visual services for live events. As Host of "The Plug Frisco," we focus on helping to build young professionals in career, entrepreneurialism, and life. In addition, we showcase local music and live broadcast from events and concerts.

How will you continue to amplify your voice?

I will continue to bring amazing guests onto my radio show as well as provide exception service for live events big or small. I plan on broadcasting more events, taking and posting videos to social media, and just being me!