On Thursday, August 4th, The People's Voice Creative Agency's #isthismiconcampaign held is anniversary event in the Design District at the 130 Cole Showroom. The event was hosted by Laci McKinney, founder of The People's Voice Creative Agency. It was truly a place of empowerment and support, with the some of the most creative and discipline entrepreneurs of Dallas. 

The night began with a mixer over delicious cocktails sponsored by Candy of Candy's Signature Cocktails, an "Is This Mic On Campaign" supporter. The guest were greeted by Erica Molett of Conscious Couture, an "Is This Mic On Campaign" supporter.  Erica gave a heart felt introduction to the founder, Laci McKinney who kicked off the evening with gratitude of support.


The event featured a laid back couch discussion live on KVGI Radio-The Plug with Host Austin Axtell and DJ Dawodu, as well as Laci McKinney; an honorary co-host for the evening. The first panel included "Is This Mic on Campaign" supporters; Kristin McIntyre, Jordan Gill and Lulu Amin. The evening closed with panel discussions with Millenial Lov3 podcasters (Justin, Cara & Michele); "Is This Mic On Campaign" supporters. 

If you didn't follow along with the "Is This Mic On Campaign", you missed out on a host of realness, growth, and inspiration. Read interviews now on The People's Voice Blog