5 Ways To Cure Creative Burnout


We are 31 days into 2019 and we are trying hard to be more creative than we were in 2019.

Believe me, its hard!

We are encouraging you to try things that are outside of your norm. What did you have on your bucket list in 2018 that you did’t accomplish?

Try 1, maybe 2 or your top 3 bucket list items to help you think outside the box. Doing something new is the best way to get your creative juices flowing.

If you don’t believe me, read #1 of 5 ways to CURE CREATIVE BURNOUT.

1. Do something new. Take a break from work and your normal routine to jump start the creative process. Go see a movie, visit a museum, take a class or go to the theatre. Make it your day of exploration. You aren't particularly trying to connect the experience with your business, rather you are opening your mind to new ideas. 

2. Pull out a puzzle and spend time solving the puzzle. Again this is another way of clearing your mind, try to complete the puzzle with out looking at the front of the box. Rule of thumb start with the edge. 

3. Have a white board session. Start with a problem.  Go back to emails and social media comments to see what your tribe is asking you to solve. Don't have these, ask you email subscribers about a major pain point. Spend time trying to come up with ways to solve these problems. 

4.  Spend time researching and paying attention to trends. What are others doing? How are others doing it? How are others doing it in other career finds. Spend time reading articles not related to your business. Try applying these new concepts to your business. 

5. Become social. Ask questions of your tribe. As a child if we didn't quite understand something, we asked WHY.  If you are having trouble with a particular problem in your business, ask others that you are connected to "how they solved X". You would be surprised people are willing to share information but remember be willing to give as well. 

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