we recently spoke with EBENEZER DAWODU OF Dawodu I.N.C. to learn how he is amplifying his voice through his brand. 


My voice deserves to be heard because....



...I Love Myself.

When I finally gave my notice to start my own business, that's when I truly found my voice..

When did you find your voice?

At 2yrs old in a Nigerian village. Living life to the fullest every day. Critical Thinking. I was amazing. I used to believe someone could take that from you. Then the universe spoke to me and said "you can only give it away" meaning no one can take anything away from you infinite self unless giving up is want I want to do. I'm not about giving up. I come from the source.

Jordan Gill of The Kolada Group

Did your upbringing shape who you are today?

Yoruba upbringing is unique.

Describe your journey? What was your defining moment?

I realized I'm black in America. Every day is a blessing. Go for it. That was like age 5.

Advice to someone in search of finding their voice in the entrepreneurial, influencer and creative space.

Look within and wait on yourself.


Who is_______?

A child of the multiverse. Here to be loveable and love.

How will you continue to amplify your voice?

I'm guided by The Creator. She is in control. i can only be the best version of Ebenezer today. POW!