5 Must Haves For A Flawless Event

Events are fun but they are a lot of work. When you reach a milestone, accomplish a goal or start out on a new journey; celebrating is a part of the process. To execute a flawless event, you must consider 5 important pieces  - THE CAUSE - THE LOCATION - THE FOOD - THE MUSIC - & THE CROWD



Now - a - days, we celebrate for anything. This isn't a bad thing, just the story of our times. Having a baby? Baby shower. Sex reveal party. Are you getting married? Engagement party. Bridal shower. Bachelorette party. A divorce, let’s celebrate! A new house, let’s warm things up! The list is endless. Needless to say, in order to have a flawless event you need a cause. You need a reason to celebrate, which is the first thing that gets everyone excited.


Tacos & Tequila  - 2800 Routh St. Dallas

Tacos & Tequila - 2800 Routh St. Dallas


Restaurant. Co-work Space. Loft. Patio. The location sets the tone for the event. Choosing the right location is everything. Is it large enough? Does it fit in with your cause? You wouldn't want to have a baby shower at a bar. This is obvious to most but you would be surprised. There are also other things people don't think about. Can I bring in my own food? Are there tables and chairs available or will I have to rent them? Is there adequate parking? Is the location easily accessible? All a part of picking the best place for The Cause. Make sure you keep these questions in mind before picking a location just because you like eating there for brunch.


Catering by Tacos & Tequila

Catering by Tacos & Tequila


What's the saying, have food they will come but wait if you have the wrong food, you will have unhappy guests. Choosing the right food for the occasion is key to a flawless event. You wouldn't want to serve a full meal if you’re having a networking event. Your guest couldn't walk and mingle if they are holding a plate full of food. Vice versa, don’t serve finger foods if you're having a sit-down dinner. Another important piece is having enough food. It would be awful to tell your guests you have run out of food or you start to skimp on the amount because you didn't plan for enough. Good rule, order extra!



Whether there is a DJ, band or pandora playing in the background; the right music makes a difference. Music is also determined by the celebration. A networking event, pandora is your best bet. Holiday party, a DJ or a band would set the tone. Just keep in mind who your guest are as it relates to the genre of music you play at your event.

Courtney Sanders  with Think and Grow Chick Supporters "How to Quit Your Job" Happy Hour

Courtney Sanders with Think and Grow Chick Supporters "How to Quit Your Job" Happy Hour


These are your supporters! Rallying the crowd around your cause is the final piece to executing a flawless event. Your supporters know exactly what you have been up to and are more excited for the celebration than you are. They have followed you on snap chat, Instagram or Facebook. They have liked everything you have done. Whether is was you posting your meal or you posting a picture at your first speaking gig. You have engaged with them in your online Facebook group and they have listened to every podcast. They have been there and they will be happy to celebrate with you. All you have to do is extend the invite.


Photography by JCICREATIVES 

Event:  How To Quit Your Job Happy Hour with Courtney Sanders