we recently spoke with JORDAN GILL OF THE KOLADA GROUP to learn how she is amplifying her voice through her brand. 


My voice deserves to be heard because....

...there are too many folks who have big ideas that never see the light of day. Our tagline at The Kolada Group is that massive impact doesn't happen without massive support. We have clients bring their ideas and we bring the implementation. What makes myself different as an operations consultant is my resourcefulness. It's hard keeping a business afloat and just like you need to make money, you need to also keep your expenses in check. This means your expenses of time, money and energy.

When I finally gave my notice to start my own business, that's when I truly found my voice..

When did you find your voice?

When I finally gave my notice to start my own business, that's when I truly found my voice. I felt like God gave me a big nudge that this wasn't where I was supposed to be. So I had to stand up and leave a job that I was comfortable in. It was scary because I didn't have a business, website or anything before putting in my 6 weeks. No lie. On May 1, 2016, my first day of owning my own business I had 3 monthly retainer clients and 1 project-based client. It was all God. I knew in that moment that God had my back and I was just meant to glorify Him through my work. Honestly, I've never resonated with having a "passion" per se. I am more about fueling my purpose whatever that plan is for me. Right now, it's through creating processes for struggling business owners.

Jordan Gill of The Kolada Group

Did your upbringing shape who you are today?

Oh, 100%. My mom and dad wanted to make sure that I was given every opportunity to succeed. They've always been supportive of me (even if it meant me deciding to take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship). If I didn't have that kind of support, I wouldn't be where I am today. Hands down. I've also always done things on my own schedule (I was 2 weeks late being born). So it's no surprise that I became my own boss.

Describe your journey? What was your defining moment?

My entrepreneurial journey has been nothing short of colorful. There are breakdowns with tech, team and complete emotional ones as well. It's important to have biz besties. I have tons of biz besties who I can turn to for support with everything. The people in my life are the ones that have made my business work thus far. I've so proud of the accomplishment of being a full-time entrepreneur for over a year. Celebrating my one year on May 1 was an incredible feeling. And with that, I took the rest of May off for a success sabbatical. I wanted to soak in my accomplishments and rest after a 2 week speaking tour traveling to Milwaukee, D.C., and Miami. Never expect the entrepreneurial journey to be dull, but it also will surprise you with all of the great amazing adventures it will take you on. Enjoy both!

Advice to someone in search of finding their voice in the entrepreneurial, influencer and creative space.

If you don't see anyone else saying what you want to say, say it anyway. Don't be discouraged. Don't be shy about your opinions, preferences, etc.... You will be a magnet to your tribe.


Who is_______?

The Kolada Group has 3 tenets: focus, consistency and incredible client experience. We weave these into everything we do. That's what our services stand for. I, Jordan, am a disciplined, but approachable CEO. I work very hard for the results in my business. For my team, it's important they know that I want to set them up for success in their roles. It isn't just about what they can do for me. I want to have a two-way street of support. That's worked very well for me and my team.

How will you continue to amplify your voice?

I want to show up and be in integrity for all of my services and products under The Kolada Group. It's all too often that you get disappointed by client experiences and I want everyone coming into my world to feel completely taken care of.