#ISTHISMICONCAMPAIGN  All Photography by Alyssa Vincent Photography 


All Photography by Alyssa Vincent Photography 

we recently spoke with LULU AMIN OF DFW BEAUTY GUIDE to learn how she is amplifying her voice through her brand. 


My voice deserves to be heard because....

I have the ability of seeing things come to life before they do.








Once you realize you have your own voice, you're UNSTOPPABLE.”

What does finding your voice mean to you?

I think to find your voice is knowing that you have one, to begin with. A lot of us carry voices of others; parents, friends, spouses, etc. Once you realize you have your own voice, you're UNSTOPPABLE.

Did your upbringing shape who you are today?

It has for sure, but I think it's also given me the guidance to create my own path.

Describe your journey? What was your defining moment?

I think around 27/28, after my divorce, I realized there was nothing that could hinder me, so I became bolder, and realized with boldness there is magic!

Advice to someone in search of finding their voice in the entrepreneurial, influencer and creative space.

Trust that you bring something to the table no one else has and no matter how shy or intimidated you are, you will leave more confident in your abilities by sharing your thoughts and journey.

Who is_______?

Ladna "Lulu" Amin is an Entrepreneur, Marketing Maven & Dynamic Strategist based in Dallas, Texas. A born Marketer, with over 10 years of extensive experience in global strategic marketing and brand development, Lulu is passionate about helping innovative beauty, spa and wellness brands GROW. Over the years her expertise in digital marketing, event branding, and influencer strategy, have given her the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most respected luxury brands, such as Gilt Groupe, LVMH, 'Occitane, Jo Malone, EarthWater and much more.

She is also the Founder and Publisher of DFW Beauty Guide, the premier guide to the BEST beauty, spa and wellness brands in the DFW metroplex and beyond. As well as the Founder of DFW Influencers, the largest database of local Dallas/Ft.Worth bloggers and social media enthusiasts.

Lulu is an advocate for multicultural awareness and "The Entrepreneurial Spirit".

How will you continue to amplify your voice?

I'm excited to announce that what was once a small project, DFW Beauty Guide, has quickly grown into the leading beauty and wellness publication for North Texas.