Success Report: Textures Natural Hair Care "4" FedEx Grant Campaign

The Brand: TEXTURES Natural Hair Care is all about simplifying the shopping experience for women who enjoy quality natural hair care, allowing them to shop their favorite products all in one spot for one shipping cost.

In the midst of campaign season TEXTURES Natural Hair Care hit the campaign trail to seek funding from FedEx. Staying within their lane (natural hair) sans politics, TEXTURES entered the FedEx for Small Business Grant Competition. Make it to the top 10, “MONEY” is the reward.

RALLYING THE SUPPORTERS was the task of round one of the FedEx Grant Competition which kicked off May 17th. The CAMPAIGN ADVISORThe People’s Voice PR Agency (TPV) checks in with TEXTURES to discuss the campaign process and its SUCCESS that gained TEXTURES over 1,500 votes in round one.



TPV: How did TEXTURES come in contact with The People’s Voice PR Agency?

TEXTURES: I contacted The People’s Voice PR Agency directly after seeing their work with Courtney Sanders of Think & Grow Chick on the "Over Here Being Disciplined" Challenge Dinner hosted by Myleik Teele of Curlbox and the Huetiful DFW Salon Grand Opening.

TPV: In what way did you work with The People’s Voice PR Agency?

TEXTURES: The People’s Voice PR Agency created a marketing campaign to help spread the word about TEXTURES Natural Hair Care entering the FedEx Small Business Grant Competition. The campaign included a strategic plan that covered the email marketing plan, social media plan, media coverage and audience engagement. During the campaign, TEXTURES was featured on Urban Beauty NetworkDFW Beauty Guide and The Diva Diaries Inc. Magazine in less than one month.

TPV: What was your deciding factor to ask The People’s Voice PR Agency to help you with the FedEx Grant Competition?

TEXTURES: The ideas. The People’s Voice PR Agency presented me with a complete campaign layout, I was sold! We hadn't thought about making it a full engaging campaign until TPV presented the campaign in such format.

TPV: What unique features did The People’s Voice PR Agency add to the campaign?

TEXTURES: Definitely, the hashtag idea, #TEXTURES4FedExSmallBusiness. Another unique piece was getting in front of consumers via Periscope. Lastly, another unique piece was the email marketing plan. This helped tremendously. So many people kept saying "thanks for the reminder!"

TPV: Do you see future collaborations?

TEXTURES: Yes! We don’t have a signed contract but I am sure TEXTURES & The People's Voice PR will work together again in the near future.

TPV: What’s next for TEXTURES Natural Hair Care?

TEXTURES: Continuing to build brand awareness, marketing, growth in sales and proud to announce TEXTURES Natural Hair Care made the Top 100 of the FedEx Small Business Grant Competition.  


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