The Evolution of The People's Voice


After reaching their one year milestone in August as a Public Relations Agency, The People's Voice is finding new ways to combat the concrete jungle. Always a hustler at heart, Laci, founder of The People's Voice announced during the #isthismiconcampaign (Is This Mic On Campaign) that they're evolving into The People's Voice Creative Agency.


"Based on my client needs and the conversations I was having socially, I knew there was more for us to concur." @laciymckinney


what is a creative agency?

The People's Voice Creative Agency (TPVCA), a new-age agency that leverages the uniqueness of small brands to produce emotional, rich experiences for their consumers. The experiences will encompass a host of ideas; anything outside of the box. "We encourage our clients to think differently. Let's take your experiences whether good or bad; throw a twist to it, tell a story and evoke some emotions".

TPVCA is a creative collective with new approaches to the way brands share their stories and their evolution. In this day and time, brands have to be willing to be transparent with the ability to properly communicate where they are going and what benefits they can provide to their consumers.


The ultimate goal is to help brands continue to be cool, do cool things and exist in this noisey, fast-paced world.


We all have a creative bone in our body and TPVCA is trying to bring that to the forefront and leverage it in a dope way. 

TPVCA will face challenges in this new space, however, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. They are not your typical agency, however, we are bringing on and connecting with a host of talents to combat the creative load. In a saturated market, TPVCA will assist brands with the human element and create experiences that evoke emotions they often forget about. Generally, it's about delivering a product and forgetting about the transformation the consumer will receive. The consumer wants to be taken on a journey, "A Start - The Climax - Falling Action (Transformation)" and at this point, brands are encouraged to have the next best thing ready for the next journey of a consumer.

Every brand is different and will have a variety of needs; TPVCA is here to meet them where they are. There isn't an ideal client, TPVCA is looking to work with new brands as well as seasoned brands looking to make a little noise. 



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