"The PR Perspective" Event Recap: Meet-Up with Tia Kirby at the Huetiful Salon DFW


Beauty Influencer, Tia Kirby held a meet-up at the Huetiful Salon DFW on Monday, July 18th. So many gems were dropped during the meet-up from Ken Burkeen, Founder/CEO of the Huetiful Brand along with his DFW Huetiful Salon Team


R to L: Ken Burkeen, Founder/CEO; DFW Talent: Tanya Steele, Sess Walker, Shandrell Duncan, Tasheara Neshell and Mikayla Lowe

R to L: Ken Burkeen, Founder/CEO; DFW Talent: Tanya Steele, Sess Walker, Shandrell Duncan, Tasheara Neshell and Mikayla Lowe

THE FOCUS: Candid conversation about textured hair care for YOUR hair, the "Huetiful Hair Hangout"


  1. Everyone's hair needs are different.  

  2. Haircare depends on lifestyle; workout queens need to clean hair more often

  3. Focus on your scalp when washing

  4. Moisturizer is a must

  5. If you hair is healthy, color won't harm you

  6. Most have multi-textured hair

  7. You should shampoo 2-3 times during washing

  8. The Huetiful Steamer will be your wash day best friend

  9. nanoSMOOTHING Treatment is a must

  10. Consult an Expert - we recommend the Huetiful Salon DFW

My list didn't stop here but let's change focus a bit. 

TPV took away so much more and we wanted to share. 

Our Focus: Shining a light on the importance of face-to-face communication in business

Here are 5 business practices that were apparent at the Tia Kirby Meet-Up/Huetiful Hair Hangout that you need to consider applying to your business: 


1. Focus on the Customer Experience
Creating a customer experience, whether it's an in-person service or an eCommerce site, builds brand equity. Brand equity is your name, it's the reason you become the provider of choice. The experience the customer has when they come in contact with your business assist in building your reputation. Your brand becomes attached to the experiences you establish. A great experience from your customer leads to free word-of-mouth marketing. The Huetiful Salon prides its self on providing exceptional customer service which ultimately leads to a positive salon experience. One thing that sets them apart is the wait time for your appointment, “there is none”. I challenge you to find that one thing that you can deliver well and focus on its delivery to your customers. 

2. Practice Transparency
Often times businesses choose not to reveal their processes, however, this is a missed opportunity. Generally, when you choose one competitor over another, you are not only comparing skills but you are taking a look at their ability to solve problems and the thought process for which they take to get to the end result. In order to have a valuable client-service provider relationship, there must be transparency. Transparency can come in many forms; education of services, connecting face-to-face or telling your story. Bravo to THE MODERATOR, Tia Kirby and THE EDUCATOR Ken Burkeen along with the PANEL OF EXPERTS, The DFW Salon Team for providing insight on the Huetiful Way. We left understanding their services, products and anticipating our visit to the Huetiful Salon. 

3. Being Available
We get wrapped up in the day-to-day hustle of business we forget to be available to our customers. I believe the ultimate form of availability is the partnership between Tia Kirby and the Huetiful Salon DFW. The event allowed for both to build connections with supporters and potential clients. Businesses should not be afraid to connect in person with customers and potential consumers. Business owners, use this in person connection to your advantage and show them you are not a robot or just out to take their coin. 

4. Conduct Field Work
How can customers and potential consumers understand your services and its benefits if they aren't educated on what you provide? Education of services and/or product allows customers/potential consumers an in-depth look at what you offer and its benefits. It may be that a customer chooses another competitor because they aren't utilizing your products or services correctly. I provided you a list above, however, that is nothing comparable to the delivery of knowledge on textured hair care during the meet-up. The education of services you provide your customers is the main differentiator, too many leave this to chance. 

5. Brand Value
Application of Business Practice 1-4 leads to the brand value which is built through Providing an Exceptional Customer Experience,  Transparency, Being Available and Conducting Field Work. Branding smart doesn't require a lot. One thing to understand is that branding is a day-to-day process that takes intention, innovation, and passion. 

Branding is a day-to-day process that takes intention, innovation, and passion.

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Have you forgotten about the customers experience when they connect with your brand? We would love to hear from you, let us know the #1 thing you're going to focus on to begin to increase your brand value.