"Words to a Future Entrepreneur"

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Last year I celebrated my one year anniversary in August of 2017 with the "IS THIS MIC ON" CAMPAIGN. The campaign celebrated the voices of local Dallas creatives. This year THE PEOPLES VOICE CREATIVE AGENCY turns two.

I wanted to share my feelings I felt last year when I hosted the #isthismicon campaign kickoff. I hope you will enjoy these words to a future entrepreneur who is struggling to find themselves in the business space. 

How Amazing,
How Amazing this moment I stand before. My idea a reality. My voice amplified, my heart filled I am overjoyed and this day I share with you. My dream realized 365 days ago. It seems like a lifetime; self-doubt, tears, fears I almost gave up. But where would I be, oh but where would I be? It was almost a dreamed deferred because I looked at you, I compared myself to you, your journey I wanted but it wasn't mine, it wasn't for me. I would not have connected with her, I would not have shaken his hand, I would not have realized my potential at hand. I would've been lost, you would've forgotten about me, my creative mind suffocated by my 9 to 5.
So as I continue to date entrepreneurship, turn my side thang into my main thang, with plans to disrupt monotony, and have a multitude of date nights.
Mic Check, do you hear me, me standing bold, it's my time NOW, now soak in this voice, remember my face, I'm on a journey and the destination is the other side, will you join me.
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